About Us

Sunrise Tackle Shop is the online store for Sunrise Tackle Co.. Established in 2001 by Gary Wollner and Bob Schuster, we are a USA manufacturer of a full line of fishing products ranging from Leaders, Harnesses, Bobber kits and scented soft plastic baits.  We are becoming a household name for our Tattle Tail Panfish jigs - a soft plastic tail on a 32nd ounce gold hook jig that comes in a reusable plastic tube. We also offer a Walleye sized Jig and tail combo that comes in standard, glow or sparkle colors. Our tackle helps you catch all kinds of fish - Musky, Northern, Walleye, Panfish, Sunfish, Crappies,  Bluegills, Perch and Bass. 

Sunrise Tackle prides itself as an affordable line of goods, made in the USA, that offers consumers high quality and value.

 About Sunrise Tackle's owners:
Gary Wollner, Founding Partner of Sunrise Tackle Co.  was born and raised In Grafton , WI.. He was fortunate to grow up in a family who enjoyed the outdoors; spending summer vacations on family fishing trips to Northern Wisconsin.
Upon graduating from UW Madison, Gary moved to Minneapolis where he spent 12 years as a buyer for companies like Dayton's, Fingerhut Corp and the Sportsman's guide. In 1991 Gary became a sales rep in the hunting and outdoors industry, which has keep him close to his passion for the outdoors. In 2001, Gary and his partner, Bob Schuster, started Sunrise Tackle Co. Their goal was to offer a line of tackle at affordable prices that was for the everyday fisherman. Their belief that "the future of fishing lies in being able to enjoy the sport  with family and friends without having to spend a fortune doing it" has been the premise that they based their company on .
Gary feels so fortunate to share this love of the outdoors with his wife Lori and our 4 fantastic daughters Jess, Breana, Hallie and Molly.
It is Gary and Bob's goal to keep offering affordable fishing tackle that is made in the USA.
Bob Schuster, Founding Partner of Sunrise Tackle Co, has been in the sporting goods industry for many years, in many facets - from retail, distribution and manufacturing. He is a member of Hayward Bass Club, and Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin. You can see his passion for the sport of fishing thru the promotion of the sport. Bob's motto is "I have the best job in the world helping people have fun". Gary & Bob at Sunrise Tackle Co. take pride in making quality products at reasonable prices that catch fish.  Making dreams come true one fish at a time. Try for yourself and see.