The Sunrise Difference

Why buy from Sunrise Tackle Shop when you can order less expensive tackle online from overseas suppliers?  

Three main reasons:

1) All of our product is made in the USA - of quality components - our tip up rigs, harnesses and bobber kits are hand-tied in Hayward, WI. In fact, if you see a leader, jig or harness that you like, but would like a slightly different version or color combination of TattleTail, let us know! We should be able to fulfill that order! 

2) We source all of our components (tails, hooks, leaders, etc) with the avid fisherman/woman in mind! We focus on the highest quality and a reasonable price

3) Our products are built to last and endure landing the biggest lunker of a lifetime! You can reach for Sunrise Tackle when you know the fish are biting, because you will land them!  

Most importantly, we have designed, sourced and created this product line specifically for the angler who's interested in catching fish, having a great time on the water without breaking the bank. We use our own tackle with our families and friends, and are proud of the results they get!